Our Service Approach

The Celoseal approach to roofing excellence is rooted in it's sincere desire to ensure total customer satisfaction while offering fair and competitive pricing within an ethical environment. Toward this end, a wide variety of advanced roofing specialties are offered including commercial, multi-family residential, diagnostic inspections, and preventative maintenance and repair.

Roofing Inspections

A high quality and thorough roofing inspection performed by a qualified roofing specialist is the first step necessary when undertaking any roofing project. At Celoseal we take great pride in offering some of the most comprehensive and complete diagnostic roofing inspection capabilities available in the industry today. Our roofing inspections are conducted by a knowledgeable and experienced company specialist who is trained to evaluate the performance of the roof and identify any roof problems or potential problem areas. Using this methodical examination method, Celoseal will provide a detailed report to you that outlines all recommended routine maintenance and corrective actions needed to maintain an attractive and water-tight roofing system.

Our comprehensive six point roofing inspections examine the following areas: 
• Roof membrane condition 
• Roof slope and drainage 
• Metal flashings
• Gutters and downspouts 
• Roof mounted equipment
• General appearance 

Ideally, regular roofing inspections should be scheduled twice per year. These inspections can minimize structural and interior damage to a building by detecting roof problems caused by extreme weather conditions in the summer and winter months. Fall inspections are designed to prepare the building and roofing system for the upcoming rainy season. Spring inspections are made to detect any damage to the roof that occurred during the winter months. Roofing systems often fail prematurely due to lack of proper maintenance and repair. Roof leeks often result in expensive interior and structural damage. Roof leaks may also threaten the safety of the building’s occupants. What is the condition of your roof? Contact us today so that we may schedule a thorough diagnostic inspection. 

Repair and Preventative Maintenance

Routine repairs and preventative maintenance can reduce roofing related disasters and maximize the value of all roofing systems. Roof repairs and maintenance are opportunities to secure the building owner’s investment. At Celoseal we believe it is better and more cost effective to take proactive measures to prevent roofing problems rather than suffer the consequences of a failed roofing system.

Our service technicians are trained to repair all types of roofs and can quickly identify the source of leaks or potential leaks. We employ the state-of-the-art repair methods that are recommended by the National Roofing Contractors Association and by leading roofing manufacturers, which is crucial because improper roofing repairs may have lasting adverse effects. The proper selection of repair materials and the repair application process are critical to ensuring long-term roofing repair solutions. 

When leaks do occur, building owners often incorrectly assume that a complete new roofing system is necessary. To the benefit of our clients, our service technicians many times are able to very effectively restore a leaking roof to a water-tight condition. A carefully designed and applied repair and maintenance program can add many years to an existing roofing system.

Our repair and maintenance specialists have an outstanding record of success and have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. Contact us today to find out how we can extend the life of your roofing system through an affordable and high quality roofing repair and maintenance program. 

• Routine repairs minimize roofing related disasters 
• Roofing repairs and maintenance protect a building owner’s investment
• Proactive approach preventing roofing problems 
• State-of-the-art repair methods and materials 
• Seasonal inspections available  

Multi-family Residential

Celoseal has long-term partnerships with a number of local and national property management companies to provide on-going roofing services for some of Southern California’s largest apartment and condominium complexes. These management firms appreciate our professionalism, high quality workmanship and ability to meet stringent insurance requirements while offering competitive pricing. Our services and quality can be trusted, which is why our long established clients continue to make Celoseal their roofing contractor of choice. Please submit an Estimate form so that we may bid for the opportunity to provide you with excellent service and competitive prices on your next roofing project. 

• Same California Contractor’s License since 1970 
• Up to $5 million in general liability insurance and excess liability insurance
• Worker’s compensation insurance coverage for all Celoseal representatives
• Experts at meeting budget and deadline requirements
• Ability to interface in a professional manner with all levels of management 

Commercial Buildings

For more than 50 years, Celoseal has been designing commercial roofing specifications in locations throughout Southern California. Our professional approach and high quality craftsmanship has allowed us to establish Celoseal as a leading designer of commercial roofing systems. We work directly with property managers, building owners, asset managers, maintenance and building supervisors, and general contractors to design and install the best possible roofing or waterproofing system for the building. Our roofing specialists are trained in hot asphalt applied built-up and modified roofing, torch applied modified roofing systems, single-ply roofing, and cold adhesive applied roofing systems. 

We are experts in helping you to determine the proper roofing system based on several critical factors including roofing budget, building utilization and occupancy type, roof drainage and slope, condition of the roof deck and the building’s construction, roof mounted equipment, roof traffic, and local climatic conditions such as wind resistance, fire safety, protection from excessive roof moisture and airborne chemical contamination.

Relevant roof design is critical to maximizing the value of a new or existing roofing system. We believe that a proactive stance in protecting the building and its contents is the most practical approach. We have developed a Customized 5-Point Roof Design Plan (link) that assists us in selecting the most practical, functional and durable roofing system for each of our commercial building clients. In the long run, properly securing the building from water infiltration will save the building owner money and help protect the investment.

• Leading designer of commercial roofing systems 
• Proactive approach to protecting a building and its contents 
• Committed to maximizing the value of a new or existing roof
• Customized 5-Point Roof Design Plan 
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